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Yummy Yards was started to support those who want to create and expand their edible and aesthetic gardens. We believe that these two types of gardens do not need to be separate. Instead, they can ebb and flow to create a more resilient, productive and beautiful outdoor living space. Call us for a consultation!


  • The (Heritage) Ducklings are on Their Way

    5 Mar 2015

      As I stepped outside of the house at 7am yesterday, I was greeted with an abundance of birdsongs and chirps not heard since last fall.  My heart, too, sang, as I took a deep breath of the humid 65 degree spring air.  After a quick breakfast, I met my mom and cousin and we […]

  • Real Food for School Lunches

    28 Feb 2015

    This one is an oldie, but goodie, highlighting the changes that were starting to be made in Boulder Valley School District back in 2008. Thanks to the everything-eco-and-wholesome media outlet Elephant Journal for bringing up this important, and surprisingly controversial topic.  Students should have healthy food options at schools.  Period. “…ask why responsible adults would […]

  • Walk the Talk Show with Laura Ruby

    20 Feb 2015

    Waylon Lewis — Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Ads Sales, Errand Boy — Elephant Journal, talks with Laura about 10 green things we can do with our backyards for spring…watch here.  

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